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During the elaboration of the IN[no]BOX design concept and the research on modular exhibition systems, in order to achieve a new sustainable exhibition design concept - modular system, another "sustainable" idea came out ... ExiBo

By using the design method and ethics of IN[no]BOX we redesigned and resized in smaller scale the main concept and we found some new possibilities of the system.

ExiBo proves more flexible and adaptable to different and more ephemeral needs for the cultural or product industry... you can use it as a simple partition wall and as a background wall for events or speeches, as a stand or exhibition booth, as a library, as a display, as a scaffold.

So we firstly test it for its support structure in order to present a travelling exhibition and for the concept of being located in modern and historical environments as well.

Feedback from the visitors gives the sense that it's working very well and could potentially be a flexible exhibition system in itself.

So we decided to use ExiBo as a background structure to present IN[no]BOX in its first international exhibition! From the 16th to the 20th of February 2020, both will be in Dusseldorf where Euroshop, the top world exhibition on retail, will take place.

Feedback from this attempt, will be "shortly on this screen"...

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